Carlmark Maternity Part II - In-home

Oh man, I have been slackin as far as blogging goes! But I'm focused on trying to get back on to my Blog Post Friday routine! hehe So that leads me to Part II of the Carlmark's maternity session. We met up at their light filled home for a morning of playtime, storytime, living room dance parties, pancake making, and cuddles. These are the rituals that make up their family and their bond. So we documented them just before baby #3's arrival. I would absolutely LOVE to do more sessions like these for other clients. Let's spend the morning together while you guys do your thang and I'll hang out to capture them on camera. These moments are fleeting, but the photos will last a lifetime! #Maternity

Carlmark Maternity Part I - Almond Blossom

A few weeks ago I got together with the beautiful Carlmark family to do Part I of their maternity session for baby #3. There is a massive almond tree in a vacant lot here in West Sacramento that I hadn't noticed until this year! (We've been living here for almost 6 years, so I have no excuse!) When I reached out to Courtney to do some fall photos for Andrew and I (cause she's a super talented photographer!), she proposed a trade. And this session was what I owed her for the photos she did for us. I gotta be real for a moment... this is probably one of my all time favorite maternity sessions! Yes, I was a little spoiled working with another photographer. For example, she knew prompts already

Mya's 6 Month Session

Baby Mya is the absolute CUTEST!! We did an in-home session for them so that we could recreate some photos (taken by another photographer) of her big sister, Aubrey from when she was 6 months old. The two shots we wanted to recreate were the landscape one below on the left and then a portrait oriented tummy time shot. Their dog Jessie made an appearance for the photo session, too. So you know I had to snag a few shots her too! hehe Aubrey also made a special appearance during the session! Initially, she wasn't really feelin' the idea of photos on the day of the session. But after we asked her to come help us get Mya to smile, she said she wanted to do some photos afterall! YAY! <3 When I lef


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