DeLeon Mustard Field Mini Session

How stinkin' cute is the DeLeon family?! I know their mama Sharisse from playing volleyball. And we've stayed in contact over the years. Some of you may know her from her insanely popular and successful hand lettering Instagram account, @piecescalligraphy ( She's been such an inspiration to all of us out there working our 9-5'er but pursuing our passion on the side. If you're interested in learning how to hand letter, I highly suggest you check out her site and tutorials. Maybe even sign up for a workshop! She's super awesome and thoughtful and such a great teacher. You'll learn so much from a talented wonder woman! #MustardField #SpringMini #MiniSessions #Wes

Susan & Stormi - Almond Blossom Mini

Susan and Stormi are probably my all time favorite couple, guys. Seriously. These two were just meant to be together. It's nothing that I can articulate here with words right now. It's just a feeling I have when I'm around the two of them. It was fate for them. For reals. Also, some of you may recognize Susan. She's the manager of Press Club, among a few other places in midtown. She was a bartender there at Press when I was freshly 21 and I always remembered her as the super pretty bartender at Press. Little did I know my path would cross with hers in such a big way all these years later... all thanks to our dogs both breaking one of their toe nails. Her pup Curly (on the left in the photo b

Tran Family Wildflower Mini Session

A few weeks ago I did the sweetest little wildflower mini session for the Tran family! And little Helena, aka Lenni, is just the cutest thing! She and I go way back to her newborn session. But her mom, dad and I go back to their engagement session. Well, photography-wise anyway. I actually went to high school with them both! hehe So it's been an absolute pleasure to see them go from high school sweethearts to a family of three with baby #2 on the way! I found this awesome little wildflower patch close to their home (and my old stomping grounds too) on random drive one day. Living in West Sac means I can take Jefferson down to the delta and then take S. River Road to the Freeport bridge. From


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