Fall 2017 Mini Sessions

Last year I hosted my first ever mini session day! I hadn't thought anything of it until a client asked if I would be hosting one. I did some research and then booked a few hours out at West 12 Ranch in Lodi, which is a client-favorite when it comes to locations! I love the idea of mini sessions, too. I personally feel that quality family photos should be within financial reach of all families. I don't like the idea of it being an unattainable experience that some families miss out on because they can't afford it. And mini sessions are the perfect happy-medium! When a photographer can shoot lots of very short sessions (usually around 20 minutes each) back-to-back-to-back over the course of a few hours, a lower price point can be offered to the client and it's a win-win!

This year, I upped the amount of images I delivered to clients for mini sessions because our host raised their prices, which meant I had to raise mine too. So I wanted clients to get a little something extra for the cost increase. Next year I'll be returning to the reduced image delivery, but clients sure did luck out this year! Below are some teasers from this year's sessions and a little blurb about each family I worked with.

Tanya came out with her daughter and grandson for a mini session. I met Tanya through 4 R Friends, which is a local nonprofit that aims to help keep low-income families' pets healthy, happy, and out of our local shelters. Next month I'll be heading out to one of their clinics to document the work Dr. Jean Rabinowitz provides to the community. Here's one of my favorite's of her grandson!!

Next up we had the Wells family and their expecting a BABY GIRL next month! Eeek! So exciting. I first met Miranda and Ian when I did their son Daxton's newborn session. And this year I had the privilege of doing a family/maternity mini session to document this exciting time in their lives. I chose this photo of the three of them because I love the looks on Miranda's and Daxton's faces!

The third slot of the day went to the Moreno family. I know Marichris (MC) from my days as a student assistant at DMV. This year I got to do a session for her, her husband Louie, and their ADORABLE daughter, Chloe. Fun Fact: I posted this same image on Instagram and someone I used to work with at CalSTRS said she knew Louie from her manager's training, since he also works for the State. Man, Sacramento is SUCH a small place!

Next up I had the honor of doing my third session for the O'Leary-Cortez family. When Sabrina first reached out to me about doing family photos three years ago, she asked if I would be able to photograph their daughter Hayden who has Cerebral Palsy (CP). It was a challenge I felt more than confident I could achieve! When I first started doing photography, I learned very quickly that when using a prime (or fixed focal length) lens, you absolutely HAVE to move around to get the shot. This came in handy with photographing their family due to the movement impairment CP causes with Hayden. I'm so thankful Sabrina and Jesse put their faith in me to capture photos of them with Hayden and Aleena! I even caught a smile from Hayden <3

We had a 20 minute break between the last session and my next one, which was of the Davis family! Fun Fact: Sara and I work together at CalSTRS. I had heard she used to work at Social Services in IT (also where I worked before CalSTRS). Turns out we know a few of the same folks. Working in civil service for the State of California make the world such a small place. You did see a similar mention with MC and Louie's sneak peen above, right?! hehe Anywho... Here's one of my favs of her, her husband Chris, and their daughter Bella. These guys were so much fun to shoot. They were up for all kinds of fun stuff. We even did jumping shots and a human pyramid, with Bella on top of course!

Okay, can we talk about how SASSY these three ladies are?! I met Gaby, a bad-ass boss lady, through her business a few years ago. Gaby owns and runs her own nail salon and she's SUPER talented at what she does. This is the second year I've done a mini session of her and her two daughters, Denise and Tatiana. Oh, and we can't forget their furbaby Buster of course! These ladies are always fun to photograph because their personalities just pop in the images.

The Eggert Family came next! Nikki and I have been friends since sophomore year of high school. Holy crap... can we take a minute to talk about how it's been 16 years already?! SIXTEEN. Ugh, time flies by WAY too fast. Nikki also happens to be my hairstylist. If anyone is looking a lady who knows her stuff, check her out. She's my first referral when someone says they're looking for a new stylist. She's located at Studio Two Salon on 10th & S. Check out her Yelp page for more details. Here's one of my favorites of her, Jeff, and their two little ones Jase and Jemma.

Ashley and her son Rainier came next. I was at a loss for words when I reviewed the photos from their mini session for the first time. The fall colors and the sunlight were so GORGEOUS! Ashley killed it with the outfit coordination. Fun Fact. Ashley is a teacher in West Sacramento (where I live) and I work at CalSTRS (also in West Sac, hehe), which manages her pension and retirement benefits. She's also BFFs with Liz Franco, who I mentioned in my last post. I'll let you ogle over these colors and their beautiful faces. Don't be surprised if you're craving a pumpkin spice latte soon!

Alrighty, that brings me to my last mini session of 2017 of Angelle and her babies Nolan and Alina. I met Angelle a few years ago playing volleyball with Angelle at the West Sac rec center. And on Sunday, we're going to be celebrating our second annual Friendsgiving at her house with the rest of our volleyball friends. She's a great hostess and I love spending time with our friends at her home. Here's one of my favorites of the three of them!

And that's a wrap! Thank you to all of my Fall 2017 Mini Session clients!! You guys are the best. And a huge shout out to our lovely host, West 12 Ranch in Lodi! When clients are looking for those shots of their on a couch in a gorgeous field, West 12 Ranch is the place to do them. Be sure to follow their Facebook page to see their latest prop purchases and seasonal setups. Till next year...

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