Delaney's Newborn Session

Say hello to Delaney!! Her session was a big step for me. I was able to successfully execute a composite newborn pose photo. What does that mean, you ask? See the first photo below? It's actually a composite (done in Photoshop) of two photographs. Because, duh, newborn babies can't hold their own heads up like this. :P So in one photo, dad was holding her head from above and I started to fire away on the camera. And then in the next photo, dad was holding her hands under her chin. The real magic happened in Photoshop where I took the bottom half of the first image (dad holding her head) and the top half of the second image (dad holding her hands) and mushed them together to create one single image.

I've heard mixed feelings on these types of photos. They range from "That is just NOT natural!" to "OMG I can't handle how adorable this is!" And the reality is I agree with both to some degree. It's definitely not natural for a newborn to hold its head up in a pose like this, but on the flip side it's a very cute image. As a photographer, I'm willing to attempt 1) whatever baby will let us, and 2) the parents wishes, keeping in mind the utmost safety precautions of course! In this case, not only was Delaney sleepy and comfy enough for the composite, but mom and dad were up to assist!

Also, a fun fact about Delaney's mama Danielle and I: We worked together as Student Assistants in the Investments office at CalPERS many, many years ago. This was before I worked as a student in Information Technology, where I met the IT Consultant/Wedding Photographer I eventually worked for. :D So it was neat to catch up with her all these years later while doing this session for her, and her husband Chris. Below are some of my favs, which also happen to be some of their favs, as noted by the ones they picked for their holiday card! hehe

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