Fenkell Family Session 2017

There's something special about getting to do family photos for your own family! Meet my cousin Jake, his wife Jackie, and their two little ones Jade and Jameson. I've been doing their family photos since Jade was a baby and when my editing style was very different. It's neat sometimes to go back and see how they've grown as a family and how I've grown as a photographer. They're probably the family I've photographed the most over the years!

In the last couple of years, lots of beautiful and creative street art has gone up on the walls of Sacramento's buildings. There is even an annual festival to celebrate the art the city has cultivated and encouraged. It's called Wide Open Walls Sacramento! Three years ago Jackie asked about doing their photos in front of some of the murals. That first year, we did their photos in front of the Setzer buildings off 3th Street & Broadway. We got some good shots, but due to the time of day we met up, the sun was blasting on some of the murals and blowing out details. Also, my camera at the time was getting a little old. So I wasn't able to really do the murals justice. Last year, we roamed near 13th Street & H Street and an alley between I and J Streets. We got lucky and most of them were in the shade. This year (or should I say 2017, since I'm posting this in 2018 :P) we hung out on 12th Street between R and S Streets and had four beautiful murals to work with, all within a 2 minute walk of one another.

For any interested in shooting at these locations, I would suggest figuring out the best time of day light-wise. The one mural Jackie really wanted to get shots in front of the most happens to face East. So we had to wait for the sun to pass behind the building so as to avoid any weird sunlight trickling through the trees. A while ago I discovered this neat tool that is perfect for figuring out the trajectory of the sun for this exact scenario! It's called SunCalc and you can input your coordinates as well as set a future time and date to figure out just exactly where the sun will be so that it's not blowing out the details on a beautiful mural. Without further ado, here are some shots from this year's (i.e. 2017's) session!

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