Boss Babe Chief of Staff

Just before Christmas I met up with Rebecca to do some photos for her. When she reached out to me, she went straight to the point: she was looking for some photos of her for online dating. But she also wanted some shots of her for professional use. She's Chief of Staff a Senator here in California. Seriously, I wasn't lying when I said she was a Boss Babe!

She brought along two of her closest friends (also Boss Babes... one was an Obstetrics & Gynecology doctor and the other a graphic designer) to help her feel comfortable. But they were also super helpful for me to use to elicit some natural and authentic smiles out of Rebecca too! I hadn't even thought of suggesting this to clients before... but you best believe that tool is in my kit now!

We started off the session at DOCO in Downtown Sacramento to shoot in front of this super neat mural. Then I found a spot with some beautiful filtered light and some fun seating. After that, we headed to the Capitol to do some shots of her there in the color she looks best in... RED! So GORGE!

#Portraits #Capitol #DOCO #Murals #BossBabe #Politics #DowntownSacramento #WideOpenWalls916

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