Mya's 6 Month Session

Baby Mya is the absolute CUTEST!! We did an in-home session for them so that we could recreate some photos (taken by another photographer) of her big sister, Aubrey from when she was 6 months old. The two shots we wanted to recreate were the landscape one below on the left and then a portrait oriented tummy time shot. Their dog Jessie made an appearance for the photo session, too. So you know I had to snag a few shots her too! hehe

Aubrey also made a special appearance during the session! Initially, she wasn't really feelin' the idea of photos on the day of the session. But after we asked her to come help us get Mya to smile, she said she wanted to do some photos afterall! YAY! <3 When I left, mama Melanie commented about how laid back the session was. So if you're wondering what these in-home sessions are like... there ya go! :D I love being able to beautiful photos AND make it a stress-free experience for my clients.

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