Susan & Stormi - Almond Blossom Mini

Susan and Stormi are probably my all time favorite couple, guys. Seriously. These two were just meant to be together. It's nothing that I can articulate here with words right now. It's just a feeling I have when I'm around the two of them. It was fate for them. For reals. Also, some of you may recognize Susan. She's the manager of Press Club, among a few other places in midtown. She was a bartender there at Press when I was freshly 21 and I always remembered her as the super pretty bartender at Press. Little did I know my path would cross with hers in such a big way all these years later... all thanks to our dogs both breaking one of their toe nails. Her pup Curly (on the left in the photo below) had broken a nail on the same day our pup Ripley broke he dewclaw. So we found ourselves at the ER vet on the same day and we got to talking.

A few months later, I knew she was working with a local non-profit 4 R Friends. And the story of Jazzy was posted and shared. Jazzy was surrendered by her owner at one of the clinics hosted by 4 R Friends. She had a horrible infection from foxtail that had entered her claw. She also had a skull fracture and the infection from her paw had traveled there. Jazzy was a hot mess and in bad shape. So I reached out to Susan asking what I could do with my photography skill to help. And that summer (2017), the Pupparazzi party was born! We did mini shoots of the dogs in exchange for a $50 donation to the rescue. And they were able to replenish their major medical fund with the money we raised. The event was also such a hit, that the next summer (which was this past summer in 2018) they hosted EmBark which was an event to help fundraise money to equip the mobile trailer 4 R Friends had purchased to perform spay and neuter surgeries in the communities they serve! Then later in the year we did Santa Pawtraits at Pet Food Express in Lohman's Plaza to wrap up the year. Needless to say, we have big plans for this year too!

So it was such a pleasure to do this Almond blossom mini for them this past February! Both Susan and Stormi are such good examples for us as far as serving our communities less fortunate pet owners.

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