Visit Sacramento with Liz Franco

Holy crap guys... I can't believe my photos got to be featured on the @vistisacramento account this weekend while my good friend @heyitslizfranco did her weekend takeover! I'm so honored that she asked me to help with her the photos. If you weren't following along, be sure to head over to their Instagram accounts to see what all she shared about the places. Below you'll find some of my favorites from the spots we shot at.

Cactus Garden inside Capitol Park - 15th & N St

This is probably one of my favorite spots in midtown. It doesn't "feel" like Sacramento and the shots always make it seem like we're in some far off, stylish desert. Of course we always have to be careful while we're shooting there, cause no one wants a prick from cacti. But I think the vibe this location gives is totally worth the extra awareness!

Public Land Store - 2598 21st St, Sacramento, CA 95818

Oh man... this store is seriously awesome. There was so much good stuff as far as cacti, pottery, home decor, and so much more goes. Owner Mel was so inviting the day we popped in to do these photos in her space, which was so bright and airy. It really did make yearn for a return trip to the Southwest again. If you haven't visited, be sure to stop by!

Ink Eats & Drinks - 2730 N St, Sacramento, CA 95816

Who else is lovin' Ink's new mural?! We got to check it out when it was a few days old, and just like a fresh tattoo, the colors were so vibrant and bright! Side note: Liz and I had actually shot here a few weeks prior to the session we did with the new mural. But then we found out about the new art and I was pretty insistent that we re-do the photos so that the ones posted on the Visit Sacramento account were up-to-date :P But hey, it was the perfect excuse to grab some bacon mac n cheese on my lunch break! hehe

The Rind - 1801 L St #40 Sacramento, CA 95811

Their T-Brie-D is BOMB.COM! It's Marin French triple crème Brie with Fuji apple, prosciutto, salted caramel sauce, rosemary, hint cayenne and guajillo on sourdough slices, aka heaven on earth! It was voted the best grilled cheese in the nation, so you know Liz had to feature it. We also had ourselves some sparkling rosé along side. *drooling*

Sac City Brews - 3940 60th St, Sacramento, CA 95820

Our last meetup was at Sac City Brews for some brunch, which was SO tasty! Liz ordered the chicken and waffles and the rest of us had the breakfast tacos. Also... they introduced me to sparkling rosé mimosas. YEP. You read that right. Your eyes have not deceived you. And they were as tasty as they sound. Liz wanted to feature this spot for a number of reasons, one being that they're kid and family friendly which is a great option for her as a toddler mom. The staff were so nice and friendly too! Such a great atomosphere and tasty food. I can't wait to go back!

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