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I'm drawn to all things mystical and mysterious, yet calming and healing; the ocean, the mountains, and the cosmos. I am often restless, with the urge to create. I love genuine and sincere human connection, especially with my clients. And I'm probably one of the more emotional people you'll ever meet. Hell, I've even cried behind the lens during more than one wedding I've photographed. And when I watch complete strangers' elopement films. (Seriously... that's how I knew we *HAD* to hire the videographer we did for our elopement!)


One night I was listening to episode #24 of the Introvert, Dear podcast (How to Navigate Romantic Relationships as an HSP) and the episode resonated deeply with me. HSP stands for Highly Sensitive Person. It sounds like a silly title on the surface, but the co-host of the podcast is an HSP herself and her partner is not one. Listening to the two of them discussing their relationship sounded SO much like my experience in relationships. So when I started reading up on it, I was pretty sure that I myself was also an HSP. In a nutshell, HSPs have a personality trait involving "an increased sensitivity of the central nervous system and a deeper cognitive processing of physical, social and emotional stimuli." If you're curious, you can read more about HSPs here.

I believe being an HSP is what draws me to connect with my clients (and cry at strangers' elopement films). So when the Universe connects me with clients who are up for adventure and down for a little vulnerability, I know that magic will happen. We can stroll through redwoods, drive up to the hills, or a find a cozy corner in a coffee shop. Whether we choose to adventure locally or make a trip, I promise that we will have a blast!


If you're looking for images that will capture you, your relationship, or your family in a very meaningful and real light, we might just be a good fit. I am a firm believer that I am not for everyone and every client is not for me. And that is okay. Honestly! It doesn't mean that there are good or bad clients, or that I am a good or bad photographer. All it means is that there are ideal clients for me and that I am the ideal photographer for them.

If you're looking for my rates, you can find those here. If you're looking for my portfolio, you can find that here. And if you'd like to see some of  my latest work, you can view that here

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