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Photo by Derek Lueth Photography

Thanks for checking out my work! I suppose if you're here, you'd like to know a little bit about me! Welp, as far as photography goes, I've been a professional photographer for 10+ years now. I started out as a second shooter for a local wedding photographer and did that for a few seasons, but then took a short break. In 2011 I decided to come back and create my own business. Big weddings were always a blast to work, and I still have fun doing them, but I'm looking to focus on elopements and intimate celebrations of love for 2019 and beyond. Head over here to read more about that. I also really enjoy the intimacy of photographing families, children, and newborns, or doing portrait sessions. Including furbaby portrait sessions! 🐶 So if that's what you're lookin' for, I'm your gal!

I love shooting with as much natural light as possible. Organic locations and environments with lots of light are my favorite places for photo sessions. They help me capture others at their best! 📷 For family and portrait sessions, I prefer to shoot within the last hour to hour and a half of sunset, in order to get some of that beautiful golden hour light. Or better yet, a mix of both golden hour light and blue hour light, which is the blue-hued light we get just after the sun dips below the horizon at sunset.

Tina Swain Photography

When I'm not workin' behind the camera, I'm workin' in IT for the State of California. ​Or volunteering my photos services to my favorite local non-profit, 4 R Friends: The Street Vets. I believe in making high-quality photography accessible and available to all families from various socioeconomic backgrounds, which is why I offer two packages year round that range in price and flexibility to fit varying budgets. I don't believe that having beautiful family photos is something to be reserved for the select few. If you're unsure about your budget, but would love to have some family photos, definitely message me and let's see what we can come up with. 💌 I'm looking forward to hearing from you and working with you! Be sure to check out my blog to see what I've been up to and work from my latest sessions. ​

a few of my favorite things


In 2013, while waiting for an elevator at my 9-to-5-er, I caught a SUPER attractive tall dude rubber-necking in my direction. I tried to play it cool, but swiftly set on a mission to find out who this Andrew guy was. When I found out that he worked at the service desk, you best believe I found any and all reasons to submit tickets for "help". :P


Fast-forward five years and he proposed at The Sea Ranch in August of 2018. (He even hired a photographer to capture it for us!) We play co-ed volleyball together 🏐 And we also bowl in a league on the same team! 🎳 hehe On a typical Friday night, you can find us vegging out on the couch bingeing on something like Ghost Adventures.

My love for dogs began when I was a child and we adopted our first family dog, Lady. Since then, I've always had a special place in my heart for them. Finding out that Andrew loved dogs as much as me might have sealed the deal! hehe Cause we're obsessed with our furbabies and couldn't imagine life without them!

It's that love for my own that helps me relate to others and the love they have for their furbabies. So when I found 4 R Friends, I connected with their mission instantly. So as much as I can (and my schedule permits), I volunteer my time by photographing their events or helping to fund raise by doing pet portrait mini sessions. Know someone in need of vet care? Check out their clinic calendar  for more info. 


The finer things in life

I might have a slight addiction to caffeine and I drink my coffee black ☕️ I can't pass up a tasty whiskey sour (egg white included, you saw my first About Me photo right?). And I love me some Komucha.

Indian food to me is what Mexican food is to others. Dim Sum is my jam. I'm not at all a picky eater and I have my parents to thank for that. My general food motto: the spicier the better! 

I love bouquets of flowers and fall is my favorite season. Give me all the pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, and boots! Apple donuts and fresh cider straight off the press are a must every year. 

Let's Go: Warriors/Oakland (A's)/49er's! 

I love connecting with people, especially my clients. But afterwards, I need to recharge my energy at home. Needless to say, multi session days are a lot of work on both ends for me! I believe in grand gestures and thoughtfulness. It's possible I'm a bit idealistic at times and I've been told that I have high standards, which I've become more comfortable with over the years. It's not that I seek perfection (cause it doesn't exist, right?); I just really believe that we should all strive to be the best version of ourselves and put forth our absolute best effort.


See, I told ya I was an INFJ, also known as "The Advocate". It's the rarest of the personality types making up less than 1% of the population. But get this, of a survey conducted by the Mastin Labs FB Group of their members (who are mostly photographers) found that 23% of them were INFJs. Go Figure! What are you?

self reflection