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I'm so happy you landed on this page. Because it means you're interested in seeing my travel plans for this year and potentially booking a session with me while I'm traveling. hehe While I'm building up this portion of my business, I'm offering $100 off Full Sessions booked with me on the dates and at the locations listed below! We could always do a Mini Session too, but that rate will remain as-is. Whether you're looking to do a couples/engagement session, family session,  or branding session, taking advantage of this deal not only saves you some moola, but it'll give you, your partner, and your family a unique experience!

Don't see a location that we'll be at around the same time? Shoot me an email and let's chat. I would be willing to extend this discount for a new location I haven't been to. However, I just ask you get me there and back, plus put me up for a night or two. TBH, if you put me up in your spare room, you could save some money! hehe

Looking for specific travel rates? You can view the deets here


DCA Adventure

March 3, 2023

Image by Enrique Macias


March 15th & 22nd, 2023

Image by Alex Haney


Las vegas

October 20-23, 2023



March 4, 2023





Tropical Beach


March 16-21, 2023

Image by CapturebyWells



July 9-12, 2023

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