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bold & emotive photography for the

northern california lifestyle photographer

Hello friend, I am     and you're in the right place!



I AM a california girl, through and through WITH A LOVE FOR DOGS, COFFEE, whiskey sours, music, and the northern california coast. I want my clients to feel laid back during our shoots. Having fun will help me capture authentic moments for bold, emotive images.

Most days you can find me in some raw hem jeans, a comfy oversized t-shirt, and some super squishy Reef brand flip flops. Unless it's the rainy season. Then you'll find me in my Hunter rain boots! I'm also kind of into hats lately, so you may catch me in one of those!

In-home lifestyle sessions have easily become one of my favorite types of sessions. I had an epiphany about that a few years back when I felt TOTALLY re-energized after doing a lifestyle newborn session. I really do get my energy from spending some time alone or in intimate settings, such as those used for lifestyle sessions. And that is the Introvert in me. You can read more about that side of me here.  

I am a firm believer in not settling or people pleasing. That attitude didn't come naturally to me (Enneagram 2w1, here) and the mindset shift has been an effort in progress over the last several years. So If you choose to have non-traditional wedding ceremony, I will have your back 100%! And if you haven't noticed yet, I'm a dog mom and I absolutely LOVE it when clients include their furbabies in their weddings and sessions. So if you're wondering whether or not we can do that, the answer is a resounding YES! hehe

Friends, family, and clients have described me as patient, fun, and flexible as well as "a delight to work with." To read more kind words from my clients click here

What I am known for outside of photography

Tattoos - I'm a work in progress for life. | INFJ - I'm a big time introvert! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE working with people, but I just need some alone time to recharge my batteries. | Bowling - I'm still chasing the elusive perfect game. My highest is a 299. Ouch! | Volleyball - I've been playing for 24 years and counting! | Becoming friends with my clients after their session. | Volunteering with 4 R Friends: The Street Vets | Perfume - I'm a little obsessed. I have a small and growing collection. Where are my other Jo Malone gals at?!


you might be a TSP Client if you are...


you try not to take yourself too seriously and love to laugh whenever possible. You're even willing to laugh at yourself!

you acknowledge your own humanness as well as that of others.

you are curious and open.

You are
I can't wait to plaster these photos all over my house!

"Tina captured the most beautiful pictures of our family!!! We are beyond happy!!! She was creative and patient with our little boys and I can't wait to plaster these photos all over my house! Thank you so much Tina! You are so talented."

Rachel Groves
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and Services
If you're still reading, smash that inquiry button!

Let's face it: photography is an investment, regardless of the occasion or reason you choose to hire me. But when all is said and done, you'll have gorgeous images that captured you and this time in your life in a beautifully authentic way. You'll also have a friend in me and someone you can trust to document all of life's fleeting moments. 

my sessions include a consultation (either in-person, Facetime, phone call, or e-email/text) including access to my Wardrobe styling service, a custom shareable online gallery with edited images, and a print release.

Click here for detailed rate information.

The Investment
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Do you Instagram?! I do! And I love hyping up my clients and tagging them their photos that I post. But you know what I love even more? When clients tag ME in the photos I took. That, right there, tells me I am killin' it at my job!


I want to create a sense of community among all of my clients. You guys are MY PEOPLE! You are my tribe. You are the ones who celebrate my success with me and I with you and your successes! You guys are the ones who value not just the art of photography, but the art of photography through my eye.


You all have entrusted me to tell your story with beautiful imagery. You are all connected to one another through me by way of photography. So help me grow this community and invite one another to celebrate along side by following one another, like each other's posts,  and tagging me in your posts of the photos I took. Don't forget the #tribetsp hashtag too!



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