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How to bring personality into your senior portrait session

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

When it comes to Senior Portraits, I want my seniors to show up as their most authentic selves!

The first step in that process is for me to get to know the senior prior to our session. I want to know what interests the senior has, any sports played, a family pet, etc... The second step of that process is for me to work with the senior on choosing a few locations that showcase his/her/their personality and how we can incorporate different outfits. If you're planning your own senior portrait session, or doing some research for your child's senior portrait session, check out these tips below!

  • Choose a location that reflects who you are - Are you into more urban cityscapes type places? Or more into nature? What about the ocean? We could head to your soccer field, baseball/softball diamond, or the tennis court!

  • Bring a few props or outfits that reflect your interests - e.g. your cheerleading outfit, your dog, ballet shoes, cowboy boots, your guitar, drumsticks, car, letterman jacket, football helmet, converse, etc... The options are endless! Things I would have included in my senior portraits would have been a volleyball, my softball bat, mit and a ball, along with my letterman jacket. Oh, and my dog Goldie!

  • Consider asking your photographer to capture you doing something you love - e.g. riding your horse for a few photos, in your prom dress, dancing, shooting a few hoops (uh, how about shooting hoops IN your prom dress?! YES PLEASE!), playing violin, or hanging out with your pet! I had so many 2020 seniors whose proms were cancelled. So some requested to wear their prom dresses for their sessions. My future seniors are welcome to do the same!

  • We'll get the smiling photos for mama, but don’t be afraid to be silly! Make funny faces, laugh, have fun!! I'll use prompts to try and get you to give me those big laughing smiles. But your end of the bargain is to be open-minded about getting a little silly with me.

  • Bring unique props, like smoke bombs or confetti! We'll make magic with either.

One last note for the parents of my seniors: I ask that you hang back a bit and let me work one on one with your child. I know it's hard not to stay close by and ensure that everything is going perfectly for their session. But I often find that when parents stay too close, their child doesn't fully open up or engage with me. More times than not, they're looking over at mom or dad instead of being fully present for their session. If you as a parent have any special requests, let me know ahead of time so that I can be sure get you what you want while making sure your child's true personality is coming through!

No matter what you choose to incorporate in your session, it will be uniquely yours! If there is something you were thinking of, but I didn't include on here, that doesn't mean we can't include it. Just shoot me a note and we'll make it happen!

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