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Wardrobe Do's & Don'ts

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

It may seem like such a small detail, but outfits are actually a huge contributing factor to how well your images turn out. I cannot stress this enough!

Between personal styles, wardrobe limitations, and a room full of opinions, it's not always the easiest job to get everyone on the same page when it comes to dressing an individual person, a couple, or the entire family for a photo session!

Thankfully it's not rocket science and chances are you probably already have what you need in your closet! If not, I bet Old Navy has something on sale right now that you could pick up if needed!

Here are some Do's and Don'ts when it comes to your wardrobe for your photo session!


  • Wear clothes that fit well - If you feel comfortable, you'll look comfortable!

  • Complement the setting - Use texture and color in your wardrobe that will look cohesive with the location we'll be shooting at.

  • Dress kids in clothes they love - If the kids are happy, everyone is happy!

  • Wear complementary colors - Outfits should consist of a limited color palette that will complement complexions and accent other outfits.

  • Wear prints wisely - Clothing and accessories with medium and large patterns are best. Try mixing with solids to balance things out.

  • Dress for the season and weather - Being dressed for the season will make your photos look natural because you'll be more comfortable during the session!

  • Wear clothes and accessories that reflect your style - keep it classic and timeless, but don't be afraid to add some personality!


  • Don't dress teething little ones in dark solids if possible. Their drool will stand out on their clothes and I can't guarantee that I'll be able to photoshop it out.

  • Don't wear busy patterns and extreme colors - Overly bright colors are distracting and will clash with the location. Small, intricate patterns can create an effect known as Moiré which looks like a rainbowing or circular pattern on these prints. I cannot fix this in Photoshop. So it's best to avoid these types of patterns.

  • Don't wear poorly fitting clothes - Clothes that are too big or too small, are restrictive, or wrinkled are very obvious in photos and won't be photoshopped out.

  • Don't wear anything that's too trendy - Go for a timeless look and avoid clothes that will look dated in a few years (hello, shoulder pads!)

  • Don't wear distracting items - Big jewelry, sunglasses (especially transition lenses), and hair bands on your wrist are more noticeable in photos. I suggest keeping it simple. We want you to be the focus of your images, not these other things.

  • Don't be a walking billboard - Don't wear sneakers with brand names, logos, characters, or words that are visible. These things can also fall under the list of distracting items.

  • Don't wear underwear that is hard to conceal - Avoid bra straps with a spaghetti strap dress/top, or underwear with lines that are visible through tight skirts, or even underwear with print that can be seen through sheer fabrics. Ladies--Invest in a good nude color bra for this exact reason!

  • Don't show more skin than you want to show - Only show as much shoulder leg, midriff, and neckline as you're confident in capturing for a lifetime.

I hope this was helpful and provided a little bit of reassurance that putting together outfits for the family is not as complicated as you may think, but it does require some forethought and planning. Also, one of the perks to booking your session with me is gaining accessing to my Style & Select subscription. What is Style & Select? It's a digital stylist that will show you REAL outfits in real time. It's fun, and more importantly, SO easy to piece together a cohesive look with this tool. I can't wait to see the outfits you come up with now!

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